Ego Insane is a series of castings from my face itself. Each face and its construction is created from different materials such as crystal resin or wax. The works primarily deal with the question of who we are and how do we perceive ourselves. Furthermore, how one deals with certain issues and traumas by „trying out“ different personages.
The ego itself is formed by various findings which means, ego-I is basically driven by the principle of reality and it balances social and instinctive knowledge. And the result of this either conscious or unconscious analysis is not only the behaviour itself but also the way people present themselves to the world in every aspect. Simply, through the expression and style people not only find or understand themselves better but they also emphasize their true nature.


2019, crystal resin, sweets, pills, glass, wood, 14 x 27 cm

2019, crystal resin, rose petals, glass, wood, 14 x 27 cm

Greed Decader
2019, wax, velvet, 12,5 x 30 cm

Warrior of the Unvisible
2019, plaster, feathers, iron, fur, 16 x 29 cm